Today’s tips are for regular household cleaning tasks that seniors find to be most bothersome. Not only will these household tips save time and hassle, but they can also be done entirely with inexpensive materials from a dollar store.

1) A great way to clean built-up mineral deposits off a shower head without using toxic sprays is to secure a plastic bag filled with vinegar over it. Then leave it to soak overnight. The best part about this trick is that there is no scrubbing required in the morning; you can simply rinse the residue right off.

2) Have you dropped something small and valuable (like an earring or stud) into a thick carpet and can’t find it? Tie a stocking over one end of the crevice tool and run it over the area where you think it might be. The suction will be enough to hold the item against the stocking.

3) Are you tired of bending over or reaching to get cleaning supplies stored in cupboards? Get one or two hanging shoe holders from your local dollar store. The pouches are large and strong enough to hold things like toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, and cleaning powder.

4) Throw some absorbent material into the bottom of each trash can to sop up liquids that manage to leak through the bag. Newspaper is a good candidate; make a habit out of grabbing some free papers while you’re out if you don’t subscribe to one. Alternately, keep a separate bucket lined with a garbage bag for liquid trash under the sink. Then use the bucket’s handle to take the whole thing outside when it’s time to change bags.

5) On the subject of buckets, filling big ones can be a pain if you don’t have a hose on hand. They might not want to fit under the sink, and even if they do, the task involves heavy lifting. What’s the perfect funnel from the sink to a bucket on the ground? A dustpan! Pick up a clean one from a dollar store (with a curved and hollow handle) that you keep under the sink just for this purpose. Just be prepared for water on the floor at first while you get the timing down.


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