We have heard some say ” Wow, you do hospice? I could never do that!”

Well that is true, not everyone has the heart of compassion for the ill and dying. It’s one of the toughest jobs in the nursing field.
Our patients need us but we can’t forget about the family. We can’t forget about the caregivers at the facilities. We can’t forget about the administration at the facilities.

Most importantly WE NEED THEM…all of them. We get referrals because we give personalized care. They want to see us smiling when we come into their home. The facility administration and staff want us to greet them and make them feel that they are important to us. We should be kind and treat each and everyone we see as if they are “gold” to us. They are special to us because they are taking care of the patient when we’re not there. They call us when there’s a problem with the patient because they know they can count on us to be there for the patient and give them a hand. Maybe we’ve made mistakes in the past when we haven’t smiled or greeted everyone we see. Maybe we haven’t gone to introduce ourselves as one of the Generous Team members. Maybe we haven’t always made a visit when the facility called that they needed us. So as of today, let’s all make a commitment to do better, not only do the best but to do exceptional customer service.

We need our customers, our patients, their families, and the facilities. Our jobs depend on them. Our fellow workers need to work just like we do. We should be thinking about each of us as a family and take care of our customers so that we can all have our jobs.
When we make a visit call the family, show empathy in your voice, just like our Chaplains do. Think about the son, daughter, or grandchild who works and can’t visit as much as they’d like to. They depend on us to give them an update on their loved one. They depend on us so they can plan what they will do next. They have to decide whether they will make a visit in spite of the raging pandemic. Should they start making final funeral arrangements? Should they call their family to come to say their last goodbyes? Or can they feel at ease that their loved one hasn’t taken a turn for the worst at this time. The families depend on us. We depend on them.

We should be honored that they have chosen Generous to be the hospice to be taking care of their loved one. They could have chosen from any of the over 200 hospice companies in San Antonio, but they chose us. What an honor. We need to be careful with everything we do in representing Generous. Providing exceptional care is not hard for those with a compassionate heart and that is us. Other hospice companies do NOT have employees that are more caring than us. They don’t have a team that is family like we do. Many others just work for the paycheck. We are more than that. Let’s show everyone who Generous is. Let’s go out, starting today with a different attitude.

Let’s focus on customer service.

Remember our customers are:

  • Our Patients
  • Their Family
  • Facility Staff
  • Facility Administration
  • Our Community

Let God guide you. Be like Jesus Christ…we got this!
Love you guys!💕
BSN RN; Norma Aguilar


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